Tournament Registration

How to Register

STEP 1: Log in to your Starfire account.

To sign up for a Starfire tournament, you must have a Starfire account, which is free to set up. This account should be set up using your information (email, birthdate, etc). Don’t have an account? Click here, enter your email under and hit “Continue”.

STEP 2: Click “Register” on the top of your Starfire account screen

STEP 3: Click “Next” under “Register New or Past Team”

STEP 4: Select YOUR NAME as the person to register

STEP 5: Select the tournament you wish to register for from the list

STEP 6: Select the age and gender

Your oldest player should have a birthdate on or after the date listed for each bracket. Ignore the warning saying you’re not the right age, and click “OK” when prompted. Make sure you register for the correct bracket, which are based on the 2015/2016 Fall Season:

Born on or after August 1st
U-6        2009
U-7        2008
U-8        2007
U-9        2006
U-10      2005
U-11       2004
U-12      2003
U-13      2002
U-14      2001
U-15      2000
U-16      1999
U-17      1998
U-19      1996

For the 2015 Season

STEP 7: Complete the team registration form

Select “Register new team” and put your team name in. Make sure to answer the question regarding receiving information about activities in South Seattle.

STEP 8: Check out

You will be required to pay in full at time of registration in order to complete your registration.

STEP 9: Complete your online roster

Follow these instructions to add players to your online roster

Questions? Email tournaments or call 206.431.3232 ext. 124

Adding Players to Your Roster

Coach/Manager Instructions – Inviting Players to Join

After you have completed the registration process, please follow the steps below to complete your online roster. All players must be on the roster to take the field.

  1. Log in to your Starfire Account
  2. On your account home page, click the “Invite” button below the appropriate team
  3. Input the email addresses of your team members
  4. Copy and paste the following message into the message box: All players are required to join our online roster to participate in a Starfire Tournament. BEFORE CLICKING the link to join our team, please review the instructions for joining the roster found here:
  5. Click “Send Invitation”

Parent/Player Instructions – Joining the Roster

To join a roster, you must be invited by the individual who registered the team. If the player participating in the tournament is under the age of 18, a parent must set up an account.

Are you and your child already in the Starfire system?

Simply click the link provided in the email asking you to join the team.

Do you have an account, but need to add your child?

  1. Log in to your Starfire account
  2. Click any option from the list of registration types
  3. Click “New Child”
  4. Fill in the appropriate information and click “Create”
  5. Return to your team invite email, click the link provided, and follow the instructions

Are you new to Starfire Sports?

  1. Click here, enter your email address and hit “Contine”
  2. Fill in YOUR information in the “Adult Information” section
  3. Click “Add Children” to add the player(s) that will be joining the roster
  4. Click “Register”
  5. Return to your team invite email, click the link provided, and follow the instructions

Log-In Instructions for Current Members

  • To begin, click here and enter your email address under the heading of “New Customer Registration”
  • Click “Sign Up”.  NOTE: If you have multiple email addresses, please use the one that Starfire Sports has on file.
  • Because Starfire Sports has already created an account for you and your team, you will be directed to a page for existing accounts.
  • Click on the link for “Password Lookup Form”.
  • Enter the characters in the image and click “Email Password”.
  • Go back to the login page and insert the password that was provided.  Click “Login”.
  • Read the waiver, enter your password, initial in the appropriate space, and click “Accept”.
  • You will now be directed to your homepage.  Please take a few moments to update your information.  You will not be able to adjust your birthdate.  Starfire Sports will make the necessary adjustments if this becomes an issue.