Free Agents – Youth Indoor Soccer Leagues

Looking for your child to join a team? Starfire offers an easy way to sign your child up as a free agent for free!  You can sign your child up as a free agent using the instructions below. If we get enough players signed up at a particular age, we will try to form a house team at that age. Otherwise, we will contact the teams on your behalf in an effort to register your child for a particular team looking for players. Please note that signing your child up as a free agent does not guarantee that he or she will have a team to play on. The best method for having your child join a team is to come to the field on the day of the first games and talk directly to the teams. You may also want to seek out a local youth club through the Washington Youth Soccer soccer directory.

To join the free agent list, please follow these simple steps:

  • To join the free agent list, you must have a Starfire account. To create your account, click here and fill out all required information. Already have an account? Log in here.
  • Once you have logged in, click “Register” on the top, then click “Next” under “Register as an individual”
  • Select the individual you would like to register (NOTE: If you do not see the name of the child you would like to register, click “Add new child…,” fill in the required fields and select “Create”)
  • Click “Register” next to the appropriate Free Agent team (all teams are labeled by gender with Free Agents and the season following). Please do not add your child to any other team other than the Free Agent Team.
  • On the next screen, make sure all registration is correct, fill in all required fields and click “Continue”
  • Again, make sure all your information looks correct, then hit “Checkout”
  • You’re now registered as a free agent!

If your child is successfully placed on a team, you may be subject to paying any team fees the coach or manager deems appropriate. All players placed on a team will be required to purchase a Starfire Membership before game play begins.