Youth Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer requires quick decision-making and even quicker reaction time. Experience the passion of this fast-paced game at Starfire Sports.

U8-U19 Youth Indoor Soccer Leagues

With recreational and select divisions for boys and girls soccer teams, Starfire’s youth indoor leagues present a great opportunity to encourage multiple touches on the ball and improve the cardiovascular endurance of your players.

Youth Indoor Free Agents

Starfire can add your name to our individual free agents list, which is posted online. In the event that a team finds they are in need of players, they can use the free agents list to contact you directly.

U6-U8 4v4 Indoor Mod League

Join us for the inaugural season of this jamboree-format league!

U5-U11 Micro League

This fun, Starfire-staff-coached indoor soccer league for kids ages 4 to 10 years is a great introduction to team soccer. Young players develop an understanding of the game through a combination of basic technical training and fast-paced game play. More information on the Starfire Academy Micro League.