Campus Policies

Please read and follow the below policies that we have in place to keep our facility in top shape:

General Policies

  1. Adhere to the yellow curb guidelines
    Each artificial turf field is outlined by a yellow curb to aid both participants and spectators in understanding where they are encouraged and discouraged to be. Participants are the only persons allowed on the artificial turf, which is inside of the yellow curb.
  2. ALL chairs, food and drinks are also to stay behind the yellow line and off the artificial turf.
  3. Water is the only beverage allowed on the artificial turf
    No other food or drink is to be permitted. Food and drink other than water has the potential to block the artificial turf drainage system and reduce the life of the turf.
  4. No long blades or studs are to be worn while playing on the artificial turf
    Footwear (and chairs) that have long blades, studs, or heels can put puncture holes in the artificial turf which can cause unnecessary wear-and tear.
  5. Clean your area used during your time on the artificial turf
    Starfire rests within a 54-acre park that requires many hands to maintain its cleanliness. Please do your part to help by disposing of trash in the receptacles provided. Do not leave anything on or around the field. If your group is unable to comply with our clean-up guidelines, a clean-up fee may be applied to your team.
  6. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the campus gates
  7. NO alcohol is allowed inside the campus gates except in licensed areas.
  8. NO sunflower seeds, please.
  9. NO dogs, with the exception of properly identified service dogs, are allowed at Starfire Sports at any time.

Parking Policy

Please be aware that paid parking is in effect most weekends and some weekdays throughout the year. We highly recommend the purchase of a membership for those who frequent Starfire Sports.

Starfire Parking prices:

$5 daily pass $10 weekend pass
$40-$60 Yearly membership- includes parking pass good for one year
Starfire members park FREE all year for Starfire Events & S2 USL regular-season matches. Purchase your membership today!

Starfire member parking passes are not valid for any Special Events. Special Event parking includes all Seattle Sounders FC games. Special Event prices are subject to change.

When paid parking is in effect, guidelines are as follows:

  1. All vehicles parked inside the lot must have a valid daily, event or yearly Starfire Parking pass displayed on the vehicles dash or in the lower left-hand corner of their windshield.
    Payment is required at the time of entrance into the park (CASH only, NO checks). All passes must remain displayed during the entire event. Yearly parking passes are valid through the end of the month of the year noted on the pass.
  2. All members entering the park without their pass will be charged the daily parking fee.
    There are no exceptions for lost, misplaced or forgotten parking passes. Members who have forgotten, lost, misplaced or left the pass in their other vehicle will be subject to payment for entering the park. There is no reimbursement for the fees collected.
  3. There is no free parking in any of the outside business lots.
    When Starfire Campus lots are full, overflow parking is available in the designated outside business lots only. These outside business lots are a paid parking lot for Starfire. All overflow parking into these areas is paid parking and is managed on behalf of those businesses by the Starfire Sports parking staff. Please park in the spaces where you are instructed. During any large events, Starfire Sports does not guarantee parking availability inside the campus lots, so carpooling is strongly recommended.
  4. Be patient, and drive slowly (5 mph) at all times.
    Safety is of high priority due to the large crowds and young children that frequent Starfire. Please be drive carefully!
  5. Park in designated parking spaces only
    All vehicles must be parked in a lined parking space. Please do not remove any cones, or park along any white or yellow marked fire lanes, on any driveways or driveway entrances. Vehicles parked in any non-parking space are subject to a ticket or towing.
  6. There is no RV, bus or trailer parking in the Starfire campus.
  7. NO Drop-offs are allowed within the park.
    Vehicles who drop-off and then remain within the park are subject to a $25 ticket, parking ticket must be purchased and displayed on the dash. When the lot is full, drop-offs will be permitted for those with State approved disability permits, or other needs, and will be allowed into the park under the sole discretion of the Starfire parking staff.
  8. Starfire Sports reserves the right to cite or tow any vehicle and its driver when they are not in compliance with the rules.

Fees that we collect for parking are an important part of maintaining all that Starfire has to offer including improvements, maintenance of the campus and fields, equipment, utility fees and the delivery of our programs. We strive to allow up to 20% of youth participants from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to participate for free. We receive no direct financial support from King County or the City of Tukwila. Thank you for supporting Starfire Sports!