Starfire Sports is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation delivering opportunities for every member of our community to experience the passion inherent in the sport of soccer. The epicenter of soccer in the Pacific Northwest, Starfire’s exceptional campus attracts over 100,000 unique visitors who participate as players or spectators in the various programs and events that take place, including:


At Starfire you’ll find the ultimate leagues for every age, style and level of play; including Starfire’s youth and adult leagues.


Over fifteen youth and adult tournaments take place at Starfire each year. Whether you are attending a Starfire tournament or one of the many others that take place at the campus, you’ll find the perfect setting for players and spectators.

Kids Camps & Training

Thousands of kids build their soccer skills at Starfire in the various training programs and camps that take place every year, including Sounders FC youth programs and Starfire Academy Programs.

Team Practice & Training

Starfire Sports is the training ground for hundreds of youth and adult teams—including the Seattle Sounders FC.

Amateur & Professional Games

Starfire Sports hosts thousands of games each year, ranging from those of recreational youth games all the way to those of the Sounders FC and Sounders Women.

No matter what brings you to Starfire, you always get the ultimate soccer experience.