Making a Difference Through Soccer

Starfire Sports believes that through soccer, we can make a difference in our community.  Our outreach ensures that all youth in our community are provided the opportunity to play in a world-class facility—regardless of social or economic background.

As a non-profit organization, Starfire creates world-class sports opportunities for all youth in our community.  With donations of equipment, field time and program participation we reach over 5,000 children annually who might otherwise miss out on the opportunity to play soccer on a world-class stage.

Imagine a place where…

  • Youth are welcome and equal regardless of race, religion, social background or ability level.
  • Youth can learn in a safe and engaging environment that provides an alternative to high-risk behavior during the pivotal after school hours.
  • Youth are met with enthusiasm on and off the field while they learn skills that help prepare them for a lifetime of success.

Starfire Sports is that place.


Equipment Donations

Having the right gear is a big part of getting the soccer experience.  Starfire Sports outfits hundreds of youth every year with the equipment they need. We supply cleats, shin guards, socks, shorts and soccer balls to youth ages 18 months to 18 years who are in need.

If you are in need of soccer equipment for yourself or a team, send us an email.

Learn how to make an equipment donation.


Financial Assistance

Soccer has a long history of developing family structure, providing cultural support and helping children maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Our financial assistance programs allow for many young soccer players who are overlooked in the traditional club soccer structure to benefit from the support system soccer provides. Learn more.


Non-Profit Partnerships

Starfire Sports provides financial assistance in the form of unlimited scheduled access to the Starfire campus and educational centers to public and non-profit organizations that directly benefit under-resourced youth.  We aim to provide a place where our community’s youth can play, learn and compete—encouraging them in their academic and athletic endeavors. Learn more.