Sounders at Starfire

Starfire is the team headquarters and official training facility of the Seattle Sounders FC. When building the franchise, the team’s desire to become part of the community and make the community feel like part of the Sounders is what brought them to Starfire. Today, their presence here is a truly unique format for professional sports.

At Starfire, fans have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the team. On training days the Sounders walk open-cup-scores_8-13openly through the campus as they migrate between their locker rooms, lunchroom and fields—and most training sessions are open for the public to come watch. This close proximity of fan to player continues when Sounders games come to Starfire.

When the Sounders play at Starfire, fans are in for an experience unlike any other. Tight quarters put the fans nearly on top of the field—so close that players often pass out hugs and high-fives to spectators after a big goal. The atmosphere that runs through the stadium rivals—if not surpasses—that of the largest in the country. You can feel the excitement and suspense in the air, cheers seem as if they’re piped through the speakers, flags wave and the crowd is a sea of scarves. It can be quite a menacing environment for the opposing teams. In fact, the Sounders have never lost an Open Cup game played on the Starfire pitch. With this exceptional record and arguably the most dedicated fans in US Soccer, their arrangement seems to be working out pretty well.

Starfire is proud to be the home of your Seattle Sounders FC! Check out recaps of past events at Starfire.