What We Do

Starfire Sports believes that through soccer, we can make a difference in our community.  Our outreach ensures that all youth in our community are provided the opportunity to play in a world-class facility—regardless of social or economic background.

As a non-profit organization, Starfire creates world-class sports opportunities for all youth in our community.  With donations of equipment, field time and program participation we reach thousands of youth who might otherwise never have the chance to take part in the “world’s game” of soccer.

Imagine a place where:

  • Youth are welcome and equal regardless of race, religion, social background or ability level.
  • Youth can learn in a safe and engaging environment that provides an alternative to high-risk behavior during the pivotal after school hours.
  • Youth are met with enthusiasm on and off the field while they learn skills that help prepare them for a lifetime of success.

Starfire Sports is that place.

Starfire Sports