Get Involved

Help support student athletes and young aspiring soccer stars! Starfire Sports provides many opportunities for you to get involved and help create a better community.

Most people think of sports as a fun way to get exercise and experience the thrill of competition, but few realize that youth athletics are an incredible means of addressing some of the biggest needs of our community’s young people:

Safety. Afterschool programs provide a safe haven during the hours of highest risk for kids.

Health. Physical activity leads to a healthy lifestyle and deters youth obesity, which is currently at an all time high in the U.S.

Education. Young athletes show increased achievement in school and have a better chance to advance to college through academic and athletic scholarships.

Development. Involvement in team sports promotes important social skills such as leadership, self-esteem, cooperation and respect for others.

Volunteer, donate, or partner your organization with Starfire and help us bring the ultimate soccer experience to every youth in our community.

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