Game of the Week Archive


Rainiers vs Warriorz— May 5th, 2014 –This exciting Game of the Week between Rainiers and Warriorz of our Women’s O30 league resulted in a 4-4 draw. Check out the rousing matchup!


ERS vs Charas F.C.— May 1st, 2014 –ERS and Charas battled it out in this phenomenal Game of the Week. ERS controlled the first half, at one point holding a four-goal lead. But, Charas came steamrolling back in the second half, and the lead went back and forth.  With roughly 30 seconds to play, Charas got the tying goal that ultimately led to the result ending in an 8-8 draw. Check it out!


FLY vs Lunch Time FC— April 15th, 2014 –Have a look at this week’s Game of the Week featuring team FLY as they take on Lunch Time FC in a Coed indoor match! Despite FLY’s valiant efforts, Lunch Time FC logged a 7-2 win.


Jr. vs Tom Ace— April 7th, 2014 –Check out this battle between teams Jr. and Tom Ace as they face off in this Men’s 8v8 Game of the Week. Jr. took the match 5-1.


Dead Guy Ale vs Jedi Knights— April 3rd, 2014 –This week’s Game of the Week comes from our Thursday Coed Outdoor League. Dead Guy Ale and Jedi Knights battled it out in this fierce match-up.


PLD FC vs Balls to the Face— March 26th, 2014 –Starfire gives long-time employee, Bryan Iotte, a little sendoff in this comical Game of the Week. Bryan’s PLD squad faced off against Balls to the Face in one of the last matches he will play at Starfire before heading out on a Brazilian adventure. We wish him the best of luck and offer a special thanks to Balls to the Face for humoring us. Hopefully you have all had a chance to interact with Bryan at work or at play here at Starfire. If you see him around, make sure to share with him some parting words! And, don’t worry, Bryan doesn’t really hate beloved League Manager, Steven Dahl.



ECFC vs Felon Degenerates— March 19th, 2014 –ECFC and Felon Degenerates battled it out in the Wednesday Men’s B Championship for this week’s Game of the Week. Shots were flying from both sides, but it would be ECFC who would pull out the win, topping Felon Degenerates 6-5 to earn the Championship tees.


Eagles vs Seattle United— March 5th, 2014 –Check out this Game of the Week featuring Eagles and Seattle Untied in an intense playoff match up! Eagles would score in the final moments to win 6-5 and advance to the finals.


Scotty & The Pottys vs The Blue Team— February 25th, 2014 –Check out this thriller of a Game of the Week between Scotty and the Pottys and The Blue Team. After a solid battle, The Blue Team secured the 2-1 win in this Men’s 8v8 matchup.


Blackstars vs RC— February 16th, 2014 –Check out this thriller of a Game of the Week between Blackstars and RC of our Sunday Coed Indoor league! Both teams came ready to battle, each banking five goals in the draw.


Flying Fish vs NPFC— February 13th, 2014 –Check out this intense match up between Starfire regulars, Flying Fish and NPFC. These teams regularly face each other in full field coed outdoor, and heated up our 8v8 fields last night for our Game of the Week! Flying Fish held a 3-0 lead heading into the half, but NPFC battled back to win the match 4-3. A great effort by both squads!


Northwest FC vs Dead Guy Ale— February 6th, 2014 –Check out this GOTW featuring teams Dead Guy Ale and Northwest FC who battled out in the freezing temperatures, each earning a point in the 3-3 draw.


Almost Live vs MLC FC— January 29th, 2014 –This edition of the Game of the Week brought us some great goals, great saves and a strong competitive effort from both FC-MLC and Almost Live. These woman battled all match long and the result was quality soccer and an entertaining competition!<


Starfire House Team vs Blue RLV— January 22nd, 2014 –The Starfire Sports House team came out on top in an action packed battle with Blue RLV in Wednesday Men’s C indoor!  Good goals. Good saves. Great Soccer.


Westeros United vs Supersonics— January 15th, 2014 –Westeros United and Supersonics battled it out in our Wednesday 8v8 rec league. Both teams put up a strong defensive front, but Westeros was able to break through to snag the 1-0 win.


U Can Do It vs We Are Red XXII— January 10th, 2014 –Check out the highlights from this week’s GOTW match between two very loyal teams: U Can Do it and We Are Red XXII. Both teams brought their A game, but U Can Do It would log the win, topping We Are Red 4-3.


Winter Warmer Special Edition— December 27th, 2013 –The Men’s Competitive Championship of the 2013 Winter Warmer is featured in this special edition Game of the Week. Panda’s Randys would take home the shirts after topping Gunners. Check it out!


All Star Sports Bar vs Spot On Carpet— December 11th, 2013 –Check out this weeks GOTW between All Star Sports Bar and Spot On Carpet as they rock out to Eminem’s new hit Monster featuring Rihanna!


Chili Peppers vs Filthy— December 6th, 2013 –Check out this Championship match between Chili Peppers vs. Filthy as they rock out to Funky Money with a special appearance from Jason Hayes and his OLE OLE OLE!


Emerald City vs FC Drinkers— November 20th, 2013 –Check out this Game of the Week playoff match between Emerald City vs. FC Drinkers that resulted in overtime play! In the end, FC Drinkers would log the 6-5 win to advance to the Men’s C Championship!


ECS-La Barra vs Sealth Futbol — November 14th, 2013 –In this week’s Game of the Week. ECS-La Barra and Sealth Futbol battled it out in our Thursday 8v8 league. Strong defense and goalkeeping kept the score low on both sides. In the end, ECS-La Barra would eek out the 2-1 win.


PacNW Flat Ballers vs South Sound United— November 7th, 2013 –Check out the rematch between rival teams PacNW Flat Ballers vs. South Sound United in this week’s Game of the Week!


Jay Berries vs Rainier FC— October 30th, 2013 –Jay Berries and Rainier FC battled it out in a heated match for this week’s Game of the Week. Despite strong opposition from both sides, Rainier FC would take home the win.


VN United vs Mapuches— October 22nd, 2013 –Mapuches topped VN United 2-0 in a defensive battle during this week’s Game of the Week. Check it out!


Seattle Playaz vs Young Studs— October 11th, 2013 –This week’s Game of the Week comes from our Friday Coed Indoor league. A solid showing from both teams led to a high-scoring encounter. In the end, Seattle Playaz would log a 9-5 win over their opponent.


Benders vs Scrappy Dogs— October 7th, 2013 –This week’s Game of the Week featured Benders and Scrappy Dogs of our Women’s O30 Indoor League. Scrappy Dogs walked away with the 2-0 win.


AAAC Electric vs Own Goal— October 3rd, 2013 –In this week’s Game of the Week AAAC Electric battled it out against team Own Goal to result in a 1-1 draw.


OLC vs Flashback— September 23rd, 2013 –In this week’s Game of the Week OLC battled Flashback in the Men’s O30 8v8 Championship. It was a tight match-up with strong defense from both sides. OLC would take the match 2-1.


Valley Machine vs F United— September 19th, 2013 –F United and Valley Machine battled it out for the Thursday Men’s C Indoor Championship in this week’s Game of the Week. Both teams hammered the opposing goal, but Valley Machine would take home the shirts, topping F United 11 to 7.


OG’s vs Penguins— September 10th, 2013 –Former teammates faced off as OG’s met Penguins in this week’s Game of the Week. Despite a valiant effort from OG’s, Penguins were in top form, logging 7 goals to OG’s 1. Check it out!


Lady Bugs vs Rockers— September 4th, 2013 –Lady Bugs faced off against Rockers in a tight match up for this week’s Game of the Week. Having tied 0-0 in their first encounter, both teams looked to earn their first goal against their opponent. In the end, Lady Bugs would take home the 1-0 win.


Northwest FC vs Thirsty Thursday— August 29th, 2013 –Check out 50 minutes of a very intense match between Northwest FC and Thirsty Thursday in our Thursday Coed outdoor league.


Forza FC vs Scotty and the Pottys— August 25th, 2013 –After 50 minutes of a very physical match between Forza FC and Scotty and the Pottys, Scotty and the Pottys pulled out a 1-0 victory in this week’s Game of the Week.


Sweaty Bawlers vs Dragon Butts— August 11th, 2013 –This week’s Game of Week comes from our Sunday Coed Indoor league. Sweaty Bawlers and Dragon Butts faced off in an intense, high scoring match. With each side logging eight goals, both teams walked away with a point.


Good Vibes vs Own Goal— August 8th, 2013 –This week’s Game of the Week, Wednesday Men’s indoor teams Good Vibes and Own Goal faced off. Team Good Vibes took the lead early in the match and never looked back resulting in a 6-2 victory for the squad.


Money Shot vs Supersonics— July 25th, 2013 –In this week’s Game of the Week, Money Shot and Supersonics battled it out in our Coed Outdoor league. With plenty of opportunities from both teams, Supersonics fell to Money Shot 2-0.


New Life vs See Dilbert Run— July 17th, 2013 –Long-time Starfire indoor faithfuls, New Life and See Dilbert Run, faced off in our Coed 8v league in this week’s Game of the Week. It was a tight match, but See Dilbert Run would pull out the 5-3 win.


Abe Froman vs Toe Jam— July 12th, 2013 –This week’s Game of the Week comes to you from Starfire’s Friday Coed C Indoor league. Veteran teams, Abe Froman and Toe Jam, battled it out. Both teams logged many shots on goal, but Abe Froman would find the back of the net several more times than their competitors to win the match 7-4.


Night Hawk vs Cool-Arrows— July 2nd, 2013 –This week’s Game of the Week comes to you from Starfire’s Tuesday Men’s 8v8 Rec league. Night Hawk and newcomers, Cool-Arrows, battled it out. In the end, Night Hawk walked away with the 3-0 win.


Deportivo Italia vs— June 22nd, 2013 –This week’s Game of the Week comes from our SPSL Premier Division as Deportivo Italia and battled it out for the championship. The match was filled with intensity and dramatic flair, as a goal from in the 90th minute tied things up at 4-4 to send the teams into overtime. Despite going down a man after earning a red card, would emerge victorious after a beautiful OT goal from Esteban Reyes. Check it out.


PFC vs Tungsten Carbide— June 17th, 2013 –PFC and Tungsten Carbide faced off in our Coed C Outdoor leagues for this week’s Game of the Week. Tungsten Carbide put up a good fight, but PFC dominated the game, taking down the match 8-0.


MisFit Kickers vs Fistful of Penguins— June 9th, 2013 –In this week’s Game of the Week, MisFit Kickers faced off against Fistful of Penguins for the Sunday Coed D Indoor Championship. Strong defense kept the scoring to a minimum, but MisFit Kickers were able to land one more than Fistful of Penguins to take the match 2-1.


Rainiers W vs 4 Fun— June 3rd, 2013 –In this week’s Game of the Week, Rainiers and 4 Fun faced off for the Women’s Over 30 Championship. The two teams battled, but Rainiers took the match 5-3. Check it out!


FC SlapRichard vs Bad Axe Hatchets— May 28th, 2013 –In this week’s Game of the Week, FC SlapRichard faced off against Bad Axe Hatchets in the Tuesday Coed C Indoor Championship. It was a very tight match between the squads, with Bad Axe Hatchets taking it 4-3 after scoring the game winner in the final 30 seconds of the match. Check it out!


Own Goal vs. Toe Poke— May 23rd, 2013 –In this week’s Game of the Week, Own Goal faced off against Toe Poke in our Thursday night Coed 8v8 league. It was a very close encounter with both sides creating numerous chances. Toe Poke ended up getting the better of Own Goal with a 4-3 victory. Be sure to check out this week’s Game of the Week!


South Seattle Inter vs. Nomads— May 12th, 2013 –In this week’s Game of the Week, South Seattle Inter faced off against Nomads in this highly competitive Men’s SPSL match up. Inter took a 3-0 lead before half time, but Nomads looked a different team in the second half and showed they weren’t going to let such proceedings to continue. The match ended up 4-1 in favor of South Sound Inter. Be sure to check out this week’s Game of the Week!


Green River CC vs. Near Miss— May 7th, 2013 –Check out this week’s Game of the Week between Green River CC and Near Miss. It was a very entertaining match that included some good goals and some high flying saves especially from the Near Miss GK. Green River CC was dominate throughout, but Near Miss brought several moments of quality within the match. Be sure to check out this week’s Game of the Week.


Here 4 Beer vs. FC Drinkers— May 1st, 2013 –Check out this week’s Game of the Week between Here 4 Beer and FC Drinkers. It was a back and forth match between the two sides. Both teams fought hard and scored some great goals, but FC Drinkers edged out Here 4 Beer with a 5-4 victory. Be sure to check out all the action from this week’s Game of the Week.



Scrappy Dogs vs. RazzMaTazz— April 22nd, 2013 — Check out this week’s Game of the Week between Scrappy Dogs and RazzMaTazz! While RazzMaTazz put in a spirited effort, Scrappy Dogs created a lead early on and would continue to build on it throughout the match. Check out this Game of the Week!


T Birdz vs Blacked Out— April 17th, 2013 — Check out this week’s Game of the Week between T Birdz and Blacked Out from our 8v8 Coed league! It was a back an forth match, but T Birdz would prevail 4-3. Check out the highlights from the Game of the Week!


Old Folks Home vs Panthers — April 7th, 2013 — Old Folks Home took on Panthers in this week’s Game of the Week. It was a very back and forth match in our Sunday Coed D league. Old Folks Home went on to take down the match 5-4. Check out this week’s Game of the Week!


Tom Ace vs. Man U — Check out this week’s Game of the Week between Tom Ace and Man U! Tom Ace capitalized early and continued to build on the lead over Man U! Make sure to enjoy this Wednesday Men’s C Indoor action. A great Game of the Week!


ECS-La Barra FC and Flying Fish — In this week’s Game of the Week ECS-La Barra FC and Flying Fish faced off in the first match of the Spring session. It was a thrilling encounter! Check out all the action and interviews in this weeks Game of the Week between ECS-La Barra FC and Flying Fish!


Arsenal vs. Barclay Boys — In this week’s Game of the Week, Arsenal and Barclay Boys played out an incredible championship match that lead to penalty kicks. The match was tied at 8’s at full time and Arsenal went on to take down the championship 3-2 on penalties. Check out this enthralling Game of the Week between Arsenal and Barclay Boys!


LTFC vs. Sparkle FC — March 5th, 2013 –In this week’s Game of the Week, LTFC faced off against Sparkle FC in our Tuesday Coed C Indoor league. While LTFC put in a valiant effort and worked hard Sparkle FC would prevail 8-1. Check out the highlights and interviews in this week’s GOTW!


Snowmen vs. Tickle Muffins — Feb. 24th, 2013 — In this week’s Game of the Week, Snowmen took on Tickle Muffins in our Sunday night Men’s 8v8 league. While Tickle Muffins put in a valiant effort playing a man down for much of the match, Snowmen would prevail 3-1.


Big Al Brewing FC vs. Thirty Seconds to Goal — Feb. 21st, 2013 — In this week’s Game of the Week, Big Al Brewing FC squared off against Thirty Seconds to Goal in our Thursday Coed Outdoor league. Big Al Brewing FC created several chances during the match, but they were unable to convert any against their rivals. A goal in each half from Thirty Seconds to Goal was enough to separate the two sides in a 2-0 victory for the visitors. Check out this week’s Game of the Week!


Vacca Patrol vs. OGs — Feb. 12th, 2013 — In our most competitive Coed Indoor League at Starfire Sports, Vacca Patrol and OGs played out a thrilling match on Tuesday night. The first portion of the match was back and forth between the two sides, but as the game wore on OGs began to create some separation between their rivals Vacca Patrol. OGs took down the match 8-4. Check out the enthralling encounter in this week’s Game of the Week!


Left Coast Blue vs Purple Reign, Coed Indoor — Feb. 1, 2013 — Purple Reign and Left Coast Blue took to the field in a rivalry match up in our Friday Coed C Indoor league. Purple Reign brought a lot of quality on the evening and finished the match 9-3.


UW Club vs Deportivo Italia B, SPSL — Jan. 26, 2013 — During this Game of the Week, UW Club proved themselves a force as they faced off against Deportivo Italia in SPSL play.


Seattle’s Best vs. Misfits 50, Women’s Over 50 Indoor — Jan. 22, 2013 — Seattle’s Best took on Misfits 50 in the Women’s Over 50 league here at Starfire Sports for Game of the Week. It was kept close by some great goalkeeping from Misfits 50’s Marcella Dajune. However, Seattle’s Best would take down the match 2-1 gifting their goalkeeper the victory on her birthday.


Dirty Penguins vs North Bend Bar & Grill, Men’s C Indoor — Jan. 16, 2013 — Dirty Penguins and North Bend Bar & Grill played out a thrilling 8-8 draw in this Men’s C Indoor match. Check out the back and forth action between the two sides in this week’s Game of the Week.


Gang Green vs Lasers FC, Coed D Indoor — Jan. 6, 2013 — Lasers FC banked an 8-2 win over Gang Green during Coed D Indoor play in this Game of the Week.


South Sound United vs PacNW Flat Ballers, Coed D Outdoor — Dec. 20, 2013 — On a brisk evening, South Sound United battled PacNW Flat Ballers for the Outdoor Coed D Championship. South Sound United proved too strong and took an early 2-0 lead in the first half. Despite creating a handful of chances later in the half including hitting the crossbar, PacNW would eventually fall to their opposition 4-0.


Blacked Out vs SWAT FC, Coed Rec 8v8 — Dec. 12, 2012 — Blacked Out and Swat FC played out a great Coed 8v8 championship on Wednesday night at Starfire Sports. The match was tied 3-3 at the end of regulation, but Blacked Out would then grab a few goals in overtime to prevail 6-3.


Smajic Construction vs Manbearpig FC, Men’s A Indoor — Dec. 6, 2012 — Check out this fast-paced Men’s A Indoor Championship action where Smajic Construction and Manbearpig FC played out a thrilling match for game of the week. After going down early, Manbearpig FC surged back to tie the game 8-8 with a rocket from Bryan Iotte. However, Smajic’s pressure finally broke the deadlock and they would prevail 9-8 through a tight-quarter finish from Edin Dedakovic.


Night Hawk vs Team CHIVE, Men’s B Indoor — Nov. 28, 2012 — Team CHIVE took an early lead against their rivals Night Hawk in this enthralling indoor match. Night Hawk would produce a quality second half effort to topple CHIVE 6-4 in this week’s Game of the Week.


George’s Place vs OLC, Men’s O30 Indoor — Nov. 19, 2012 — George’s Place fell 5-8 versus OLC in this Men’s Over 30 Indoor match.


Child’s Play vs Victorious Secret, Coed D Outdoor — Nov. 14, 2012 — Child’s Play falls to Victorious Secret 2-4 in this week’s game of the week.


Breakaway vs Cheers, Women’s O30 Indoor — Nov. 8, 2012 — Breakaway GK, Paige Haley, produced a shutout in their 8-0 win over Cheers in this Women’s O30 match.


FC SicWitIt vs Own Goal, Coed C Indoor — Nov. 2, 2012 — Own Goal topped FC SicWitIt 11-8 in this coed indoor match.


Tom Ace vs RNT 1 Hundid, Men’s 8v8 — Oct. 26, 2012 — Tom Ace played to a 2-1 win over league newcomers RNT 1 Hundid in this men’s 8v8 match.


Three Lions vs Seattle Americans, SPSL powered by adidas Premier Division — Oct. 14, 2012 — In week 6 of the fall session of SPSL powered by adidas game play, two top teams from the Premier Division take to the field.